Air Tickets

Once the visa gets confirmed, the next and immediate step comes to travel to the must awaited destination where you plan to study. We ensure that the travel is well planned to avoid last minute hassles and to avail the best possible discounts. We are co-listed partners with some airlines and get the most suitably available fares with discounts on the preferred dates of travel. Travel insurance is also very well taken care of in terms of providing all the necessary information

What we can do

Discounted Prices

We not only prescribe but also encourage you with accessible institutions and courses suitable to your educational and work achievements within your budget, location preference.

Hassle-Free Planning

We take utmost care to help you apply to your choice of institution, as we are equipped with all necessary documents like application mode and form, brochures and manuals direct from the universities. Our work doesn’t freeze at providing information alone but starts from there to do all the required follow ups until you are at your choice destination.

Travel Insurance

We organize timely meets with the educational representatives who will qualify your eligibility for the courses, where you get first hand information on course and fees structure.

Get Departure Advice

To get expert advice on your educational or migration situation, contact us or book a consultation.