Foreign Exchange

While one travels to any location outside your home country, the first thing that crosses one’s mind is the foreign exchange, money to spend in their country in their currency. First time travelers like students are very unknown and uncalculative about this factor. We do all the guidance and help required on Forex. Student needs to take care minimum of the initial expenses like daily foods, advance rent etc. Where one needs some handy money to spend

What we can do

Great Rates

We are partnered with many banks that provide us with the best rates for the currency exchange, helping you to save the best of the money’s

cost of living Canada Australia

Financial Plan

We take utmost care to help you apply to your choice of institution, as we are equipped with all necessary documents like application mode and form, brochures and manuals direct from the universities. Our work doesn’t freeze at providing information alone but starts from there to do all the required follow ups until you are at your choice destination.

Stress Free

We organize timely meets with the educational representatives who will qualify your eligibility for the courses, where you get first hand information on course and fees structure.

Get Foreign Exchange Advice

To get expert advice on your educational or migration situation, contact us or book a consultation.